How did it all start? BizX, which was previously known as The Business Excellence Forum and Awards or BEFA in short.

Each year, BizX brings thousands of business owners together where they’re able to learn from global thought leaders. 

The BizX Forum and Awards 2019

–  2024

BizX 2024, Liverpool

BizX returns to Liverpool! This time, the event promises to be even more electrifying, with a lineup that includes not one, but two dragons from a renowned television series along with the return of an Olympian icon and global thought leaders. The presence of Piers Linney, one of the dragons known for his keen insights into business strategies and the transformative power of artificial intelligence, adds a new dimension to the conference. Deborah Meaden, another dragon whose business acumen is matched only by her unwavering commitment to resilience and perseverance will inspire and empower 1,000s of business owners attending. 

As attendees gather in Liverpool for BizX, they are in for an unforgettable experience. With insights from two dragons, a legendary Olympian, and a host of other influential speakers, the conference is designed to empower attendees to reach new heights of success.

BizX 2023 London

–  2023

BizX 2023, London

On April 20 and 21st 2023, 1,500 attendees were joined by 12 global thought leaders speaking at the Excel London. Business Owners and their team had the opportunity to learn about sales, marketing and strategies to grow their business. 

Steven Bartlett, Dragons Den’s youngest Investor, entrepreneur and social media visionary, delved into cutting-edge digital marketing tactics and the importance of leveraging social platforms to engage and attract customers. Mary Portas, a pioneering figure in retail and brand consultancy, shared her invaluable perspectives on revitalising traditional businesses in the age of e-commerce and experiential retail.Lord Sebastian, with his vast experience in having a winner’s mindset, shared a strategic frameworks and invaluable insights into navigating the complexities of what it takes to strive for success.


BizX 2023 London

–  2022

BizX 2022, Farnborough

At the end of March 2022, BizX 2022 brought together some of the world’s top business leaders. From world-renowned property experts to Wall Street Journal bestselling authors, the annual forum was an unmissable and an unforgettable experience for a captivated audience of 2,000 UK business owners.

The BizX 2022 event, hosted by Clare Balding and 16 global thought leaders, including former FBI hostage negotiator and author of Amazon’s No.1 bestseller in business negotiation, Chris Voss, a global authority on trust, leadership and Culture, Stephen M. R. Covey, and the world’s number 1 business coach Brad Sugars, to educate and inspire business owners from the UK and Europe.



–  2021

BizX 2021, Virtual

In 2021, BizX went virtual for the first time! Due to the global crisis affecting social gatherings of large groups, BizX 2021 had to adapt. Despite the physical distance separating attendees, the virtual platform facilitated an immersive and enriching experience, enabling participants to engage with industry luminaries and thought leaders from the comfort of their own homes and offices. Spearheading the lineup were three titans of their respective fields: Seth Godin, renowned as the world’s preeminent marketing expert; Jeffrey Gitomer, celebrated as the king of sales; and the formidable business magnate, Lord Alan Sugar.

For business owners and their team members, the virtual BizX conference represented a unique opportunity to glean wisdom from the best in the business, equipping them with the knowledge and tools necessary to thrive in an ever-evolving market.


BizX 2021 Speakers

–  2020

Business Excellence rebranded to BizX

After a successful Business Excellence Forum and Awards, it was time to modernise the brand. The vision for the new name allowed the brand to become more than a conference. The BizX Form and Awards is to help even more business owners and entrepreneurs take their businesses to new heights.

The Business Excellence Forum and Awards, BEFA20 Wales 


As the world entered an unforeseen pandemic, the UK went into lockdown and non-essential contact and travel were announced a month before the annual BizX Forum and Awards. This meant large events like the BEFA couldn’t take place despite the greatest efforts the team tried. The economic crisis was affecting business owners across the world.

–  2019

The Business Excellence Forum and Awards, BEFA19 Telford

In 2019, the room was filled with more than 1,200 business owners, entrepreneurs and their team members. It soon became the talking point in Telford. Taking centre stage for the second time, the esteemed Clive Woodward, revered for his remarkable leadership prowess, delivered a masterful address that left an indelible mark on the audience. Drawing from his illustrious career as both a rugby legend and a business leader, Woodward’s insights transcended the boundaries of sport, offering invaluable lessons in effective leadership, strategic thinking, and fostering a culture of excellence..

International Sunday Times No.1 best-selling author, Michael Heppell hosted the event and had the crowd entertained throughout the 2 days.

BizX 2019 Speakers

–  2018

The Business Excellence Forum and Awards, BEFA18 Liverpool

Liverpool venue played host to a gathering of over 1,000 eager attendees, from all types of industries.

At the forefront of this lineup was Baroness Karren Brady, celebrated for her remarkable achievements in business and leadership. With her trademark blend of poise and expertise, Karren Brady captivated the audience, offering invaluable insights into effective business principles and the art of seizing opportunities in a dynamic marketplace.

Joining Karren Brady on stage was Sharon Lechter, an internationally renowned authority on financial literacy and entrepreneurship. Leveraging her wealth of experience and expertise, Sharon Lechter empowered attendees with practical advice on financial management, wealth creation, and building a solid foundation for sustainable business growth.

BizX 2019 BEFA18

–  2017

The Business Excellence Forum and Awards, BEFA17 Harrogate

In 2017, BEFA 17 took place at the Harrogate International Centre in Yorkshire. At this conference, the audience had the opportunity to learn from Philip Hesketh, an expert in the psychology of persuasion and influence, offered attendees practical strategies for enhancing their communication skills, building rapport, and driving positive outcomes in their interactions with clients, colleagues, and stakeholders. Marshall Goldsmith, a world-renowned authority on leadership and personal development. With his unparalleled insights into human behavior and organisational dynamics, Goldsmith empowered attendees to cultivate the habits and behaviors necessary for sustained success and fulfillment.

As the attendees departed the Harrogate International Centre, they carried with them a wealth of insights, strategies, and connections that would serve as catalysts for growth, transformation, and achievement in the years to come.


–  2016

The Business Excellence Forum and Awards, BEFA16 Celtic Manor

The first BEFA event in Wales! In 2016, BEFA took place at the prestigious Celtic Manor in Wales. Body language expert; Allan Pease and Author of write right; Paul Dunn expertly showed how to communicate effectively to your prospects and clients. High-performance athletic coach and coach to Olympian, Daley ThompsonFrank Dick OBE showed the audience what it takes to have a winning mindset. Founder and CEO of The Partyman Group of Companies; James Sinclair talked about growing and scaling a multi-million pound business. 

The atmosphere in Wales was electric, charged with the energy of ambitious entrepreneurs hungry for knowledge and success. As the event drew to a close, attendees departed with minds strategies that they could apply to their business.


–  2015

The Business Excellence Forum and Awards, BEFA15

Grândola, Portugal 

In 2015, BEFA was hosted in Portugal, this time at the Tróia Design Hotel Conference Centre. With 6 headline speakers, Brad Sugars, Dr. Tony Alessandra, Andrew Strauss OBE, Dr. Mark Bawden, John Davy and Marisa Peer.

Both the Business Excellence Forum and the Business Excellence Awards exist to recognise and honour the innovation, passion, risk-taking and results some of the best companies and business owners in the world.


–  2014

The Business Excellence Forum and Awards

BEFA14 Brighton 

In 2014, BEFA was held at the Brighton Hilton Metropole in East Sussex, England. There were more than 500 attendees in the room ranging from Business Owners, Sole Traders, C-Suite Executives and Business Coaches. 

The conference had a lineup of 4 great speakers; ActionCOACH Founder, Brad Sugars, a military officer in the British Army; Col. Tim Collins, Founder of the Thought Expansion Network, Jonathan MacDonald and professional speaker on The Psychology of Persuasion, Philip Hesketh.